The All Around Math Guy for your Flipped Classroom

Teachers are eager to start flipping their classrooms, but the time (and money!) it takes to make their own videos might be out of reach.  Part of my job as the Lead Digital Curriculum Developer at an ed-tech company in NYC is to vet and sort through oodles of educational math videos already on and other video hosting sites.

One of the content creators I absolutely love is Eric Balzarini, The All Around Math Guy.  He has filmed over 700 videos for both middle school and high school mathematics lessons.  Each video has segments including both straightforward PowerPoint-like lectures and real world application.  Take a look at some of my favorites, and try incorporating his lessons into your flipped classroom:

Tiles on the Stairs…Squares and Square Roots

“Perfect squares and square roots are introduced using the context of square tiles. Also presented is how prime factors can be used to determine if a number is a perfect square or not.”

Model of the Eiffel Tower…Determining the Scale (as a Ratio)

“The scale of a small model of the Eiffel Tower is determined by looking at the ratio of its dimensions as compared to the corresponding height and width of the actual tower.”

Shopping in Italy…Working With Percents Mentally

“Shopping for running shoes at an outlet mall in Barbarino di Mugello, Italy is the scene for introducing the concept of determining percentages of numbers using mental math rather than a calculator.”

Turning a San Francisco Streetcar Around…Angles, Radian Measure, & Arc Length

“Turning a San Francisco Cable Car around at the end of the line is used as a context to review a variety of trigonometric concepts: standard position, radian measure, reference angle, co-terminal angles, and arc length.”




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