K-5 Math Teaching Resources (dot) com

Last week’s Monday morning brought with it the second day of AMTNYS’s annual fall conference – the most fun a math teacher in New York State can have!  I spent time geeking out with some of the coolest teachers I’ve ever met, and I think I came across more Sues or Susans than I have in my entire life.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on Heidi Bromley’s session for elementary teachers, and she shared a resource with her audience that I’d like to pass on.  It’s simply (and aptly) titled, K-5 Math Teaching Resources.  The website houses math activities in .pdf format for grades Kindergarten through 5th, separated by grade, domain, and types of activity – including journal entries, games, projects, mental math exercises, and ideas for your math center.

The free activities are aligned to Common Core State Standards and are printable in full color, great for laminating on heavy card stock for your math center.  To support literacy in your classroom, grade-appropriate books are suggested for pertinent lessons.  In the market for manipulatives related to a particular lesson?  Links to vendors for items like fraction tiles and foam dice can be found at the bottom of the activity-links pages.  Free interactive white board (or IWB) lessons are available for download.   E-books are also available for download, but for a small fee dependent on whether you want a single- or multiple- user license.

Warning: Inspiration is imminent!


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