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Visualizing the Volume of a Prism Using a Rubik’s Cube


This is the tangible stuff we want our students to have in mind when first learning about new math concepts.  Sure, we could teach volume as the area of the base multiplied by the height.  But what happens on the exam one week later: the formula h is as fresh as week old milk on the counter.

And that’s what we might do as teachers — leave things out on the counter for our students, only for them to spoil.  Ok, maybe I’ve taken the lumpy-milk-in-my cereal-this-morning analogy too far, but how many times have you just delivered a lesson and expected its contents to stay fresh in a student’s mind?  What have you done to really make it stick?

Great content, such as the following video, is short (in viewing length), concise (in language), and relevant.

And I’m going to keep my blog post tonight just that.


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The Best Free Education Web Tools Of 2013 – Edudemic

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There’s a wealth of education related web tools out there that can make your life easier and turn your computer, phone, and/or tablet into a teaching and learning powerhouse.

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Making Math Meaningful with Online Games and Videos

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“Math can be made meaningful when connected to students’ experiences. With video clips and interactive games from public media students practice math concepts while exploring real world concepts. Learn how to decorate an intricate cake, play the role of the pharmacist, roof a house and more using PBS LearningMedia resources to measure with math.”

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Common Core & Ed Tech: Teaching Channel – high quality videos on Math, ELA and much more!

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