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The Top 10 Books Sold in the World

I wrote this post on my students’ school blog: http://msdauria.blogspot.com

I thought this was a great infographic.  Here’s the post:

Hello girls,

I know this isn’t a STEM or Math post, but I thought it was an EXCELLENT quick infographic about the Top 10 Books Sold in the World.  Take a look…I think you might have read a few of them!



Enjoy reading the graph.  Be sure to note the left axis: the numbers are in millions.  (Hmm, maybe this is a math post after all…)  So, for the Holy Bible, it reads 3,900 on the bar graph.  How would you read that in millions?  (Nice bonus question for a quiz, huh?)




Teaching the elementary grades?  Want to catch your students up with what’s going on with global warming, climate change, and the snow in the deserts of China (which I’m obsessed with right now!)?

Take a peek through these fantastic animations on Explania.com, a great website that offers animated informational videos.  The major channels that could be used in the elementary and middle school grades are Ecology, Health, Sports, and Technology.  Give the vids a watch, let me know what you think!